Friday, March 18, 2011

Totally forgot lol

Im such a bimbo sometimes i forget things going to be out of town this weekend headed up to Virginia to meet up with a friend should be alot of fun and def need a break from the stress lately :) Excited..but on another note i took alot of sexy pics that i will start editing tomorrow hopefully i will get done before i leave on saturday. So yall def have something to look forward to ;)
And next wednesday i have a photoshoot which I'll be shooting with another model lingerie and some fetish type stuff which will def be a fun shoot wont get the pics back for about 2 weeks tho so will have to be patient.
And next weekend i think im headed to Philly to visit family so def help me with some of the stresses i have been going through the past few weeks yay!! :) 


Damien Shattock said...

well i hope these trips help to relieve some of your stress, you need it. always look forward to your great pics. thanks for all your amazing posts and for being so awesome.

Brian32223 said...

That teaser pic is awesome sexy Louanne and with more pictures coming it just means something for me to look forward to....fishnet and little else...yummm....Have fun with your friend and later with your family, you deserve it.

Rubén said...

And with your pictures is hard to concentrate on something else and also forget what I do ...
Insurance will be beautiful pictures and I can not wait to come and see them at night ..... It will be hard not to find pictures every day, but you deserve to relax and eliminate stress, we shall wait. xoxox