Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black and Green country thong

Took these last night hope yall like :) Wearing my new cherry necklace and my cherry belly button ring :) I also have some cherry boyshorts may do a cherry shoot soon.
Had alittle bit of trouble sleeping last night but finally got a few hours yay lol i feel well rested even tho it was only a few hours.
Suppose to see about my taxes today and meet up with the tax guy he told me last time that i didnt have to file thats why i said that i think he's full of it and doesnt know what hes talkin about. So im alittle stressed about that but ....we will see i guess.
Got some fairy wings in the mail yesterday should be getting the outfit that goes with it soon and also some glitter spray def gonna be doing a photoshoot with that. Also have a lighting system on the way cant wait to get that gonna help me out alot. :) And in the next week or so should be getting a point and shoot camera which ive desperatly been needing...wanna change things up a bit i like taking webcam photos dont get me wrong but would like to use a small camera instead of my iphone or cell phone camera when im not at home. :)
Its been raining alot lately but thats spring for ya lol just cant wait til the sun comes back out again so i can go outside and explore and soak up the rays.
xoxo Louanne


Sal Val said...

you are so beautiful thank you for the pictures you really brighten up my day ^_^

NYMJR72 said...

so sexy:) have a great day!

Rubén said...

this is a great Thursday, pretty clothes and looks great on you ... I love your skin. ... my favorite pic, the second ... thank youuuu <3
If I were the taxes, to see any problem solved immediately or the boy will be blind? lol. good luck ..

Security with your new photography equipment,we see images even more beautiful. ... Here it is hot, and a little rain would do us good. :))

Anonymous said...

looking good :)

Damien Shattock said...

I do like the outfit and you look amazing as always. Hopefully the tax thing is worked out and hopefully the rest of the stuff arrives soon especially the lights as they will be of great use to you. It will be good when you have some more sun there and soak up some rays.