Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-Halloween pix enjoy ;)

I will be taking more in my 2 new costumes I got stay tuned....(to be continued..)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nightmare I had

I had bought a new house cute and pretty new hardwood floors spacious marble counter tops just simply gorgeous. Well I had to buy a second car for some reason my other car stopped working or something any ways. I started to notice this guy watching me where ever I went was really freaking me out so I came home one night pitch black outside all my dogs were in the house asleep I got inside quickly they didn't even bark like they normally did. My dad was there had come down with something I knew the lady across the street was a doctor but didn't go over there bc it was so late. But then all of a sudden that guy came up to my window and I saw his shadow and the form of his face it was mingled looking I screamed and ran to hide some how he managed to get in the house without the a peek from the dogs I heard him breathing behind me I looked back and there he was I ran out of the house at lighting speed jumped up on my neighbor across the streets roof some how and was banging on her windows it was a 3 story house I was hanging from on of the eves when she open the door I fell to the ground . Ran inside she was so freaked out asking me all kinds of questions I told her someone was following me and had been for weeks she then calmed alittle bit and said I could sleep there for the night and we would call the police in the morning. Every window on the ground level of her house was open I started panicking I shut them as fast as I could. Couldn't go to sleep she was still up so I talked to her about my dad feeling sick and acting strange she said she would take a look at him. From there it went to her about to do surgery on him in a super lab in her basement she said he had a very contagious virus so we all had masks on went through this room to decontaminate our bodies & clothes then she went to operate there where several cars in the yard I sat there patiently waiting for the surgery to end and I peek outside a red truck with a man inside staring at me I got down to the ground under the window where I stayed it was like I was frozen with fear. The doctor came in and said that my dad would never be the same again somethin had gone wrong I ran down there she yelled don't go down there it's not safe I kept running. Got to the stairs and heard this weird slithering sound. Didn't take another step saw a shadow on the wall coming up the stairs a human head and a snakes body I stepped back it was my dads head but he wasn't the same in the face the disease had made him look scary almost zombieish he has fangs I started running back the way I had come him still chancing me went to the second story of the house at the top of the stairs was another snake human head thing came straight for me and then I woke up ......

That was one freaky dream scary and felt so real. I think the guy that was stalking me in the dream had something to do with my dad getting sick that would make sense or trying to help me like a guy from the government or something who knows.. All I know is I dont want to have that dream again. It's also really hot in the house gonna turn the heat off and might try to go back to sleep since it was only an hour I was a sleep for

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Pics

A few pics I took this past week on my iPhone hope you like them! And thanks Damo for the pretty pink pearl earrings love them xo

Monday, October 17, 2011

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend went to the club saturday night with my girls and a group of friends had a blast! Didnt know there was a special event going on it was PJ Night haha and Guest was Ryan Cabrera the singer he was on the reality show The Hills. They were also taping a reality show called Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I got to meet Ryan he's a super nice guy after he sang the girl from the reality show came up to me and said "your hot" lol and we started dancing together she kissed me and we kept dancing lol after that i was really drunk and me and my girl went outside to catch a taxi cab home and somewhere from the taxi cab to home i lost my iphone 3gs when we got back to her place i was a total reck i had never ever lost my phone before. So she let me borrow hers i had to change my passwords to everything twitter,blogger,facebook,tumblr,paypal,ebay,emails, ect...and switched my number to another phone it was a nightmare!! Then today i get a call from this guy and said that he had my iphone found it outside in the parkng lot after eating at one of the places in the shopping center...needless to say i got it back im super happy and im glad that there are still decent people in this world that care. He said i have an expensive phone too and if i lost it i would want someone to return it to me. :) So its been a kinda crazy weekend some good and some bad but hey the out come was great. Hope yall had a super weekend xoxo Louanne

Monday, October 10, 2011

Had a fun day!

Despite the weather being gloomy & rainy I made the best of it and also being super sore from cam last night. Got my nails done my natural nails were super long so all they had to do is put the pink & white over them so now they won't break easy which is great. Then I went to Tj Maxx and bought a really cute Kathy winter purse I'm in love with it! Great pamper day ;) now to finish dinner and watch RAW gonna be a crazy show I think hope y'all had a great Monday hugs & kisses!!

Goodnight my loves

If you know me well you know I have trouble falling asleep lol so thought I'd do a blog post. I started camming on myfreecams last night had a blast and went really well thanks to all y'all who came and chatted with me you made it a fun night. Tomorrow planning on going to get my nails done haven't pampered myself in awhile so will be a fun day. As far as the next time I'll be on mfc I will post on twitter when I'll be on next ;) hope everyone have a great Monday xoxo

From my shoot last Wednesday

Same photo but 3 different effects love this close up what do y'all think?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chef pre view

Thanks Damo for this sexy costume I love it can't wait to do a super sexy photoshoot in it