Friday, July 1, 2011

A few new things on my blog..

Hey yall just wanted to update yall on 2 new things that i have added to my blog. I now have a donation button on the right hand side and also you can now start to follow my blog by any email that you have which makes it easier to follow my posts (also on the right hand side). My blog is free and the donations are not required at all but if you would like to thank me for all the hard work i put into my blog then your more than welcome to do so :)  Another thing thats new is the buttons on the right hand side which allows you to share my whole blog with twitter, facebook and other social networks there are also these buttons on the bottom of each of my posts so now you can share a post that you like. There is also a google +1 button on the bottom of each of my posts click that and it helps widen my blog in the google search so i get more exposure. And what im going to start doing which i have been doing for the past 2 days is uploading more pics than normal and if you would like sexier/nude photos i do have those forsale just shoot me a email if your interested in those type photos And another thing im going to start doing is vlogs and videos this will probably be the biggest feature to all of yall alot of you have been wanting videos and wanting to hear what my voice sounds like so now you will be able to.
xoxo, Louanne


Brian32223 said...

Great updates and awesome ideas...You deserve something a lot more for your blogs and this will really help....thank for putting more work into it for all of us

Damien Shattock said...

Like the new stuff have already +1 a couple of things. vlogs sound great although i already know what your sweet voice sounds like lol. will be great to see and hear you more still. your blog is one of my favorite thing to look at im addicted to it.