Thursday, April 7, 2011

Straight Talk

The reason why im mad is because i was trying to change my phone from one straight talk phone to another and was suppose to keep the same number i did this over the internet bc if you call and do it you have to have a land line or another cell phone well..i texted my friend and she said who is this so i checked to see if my numb had changed and sure enough it did im so mad called up there the guy said that he could put my old number on hold and to call back so i got my neighbor to come down to the house so i could use his phone and the stupid lady said yea i can get it back for you then 15mins later said she cant grrr im so heated. There is no way my old number got taken in 5mins thats what im upset about i know alot of you have been asking me and thats why. So now i have to text and call everyone in my phone my new number when i just had my number changed a month ago so stupid i think i will be looking for another company soon!!!!


Damien Shattock said...

that sucks it is much better to keep your number, so hard to remember everyone you need to tell the new one. good luck with it, and hopefully better luck for you soon with everything.

Brian32223 said...

sorry will be a process, but you will get you contacts back...but yeah it sucks they tell you something and you get screwed over.