Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mani Pedi and Hair Trimmed Today

Today has been a fun and very relaxing day I really needed a Spa day. Im at my friends house now but when i get home i plan on tanning hopefully gotta get my tanning bed out from my spare room I've been using it as a storage room so its gonna take little bit of work lol and then i think i may soak in a bubble bath and do a mud facial :) Might get a massage too def could use one lol. Got purple on my nails and toes.My nails look better than they did but still have a line in the middle of them where the acrylic is growing out she filed it down but still there just gonna have to deal with it till it grows out. The lady who did my nails and toes massaged my hands and feet felt sooo good!! I will upload a pic of my hair cut later on its curly right now and cute but you really cant tell what it looks like until i straighten it. She re layered it but had to cut like 1inch off the length  which is ok bc it really needed it dead ends are not attractive lol but feels so healthy and soft :) love it
Love yall hugs & kisses


Brian32223 said...

Love the nails and toes Louanne...nice choice and very sexy. You look sexy on your way there too :)......I'm glad you had a relaxing day. Tanning will only make you sexier...although you are always welcome to tan on my deck ;)....and packages are on the way for you too!

Damien Shattock said...

Glad you enjoyed your pampering day. You look amazing. It's nice to hear you having a great time and feeling good at the same time.

Louanne Marie's Blog said...

Thanks yall :) and Brian-yea the tanning thing is def a must makes me feel sexy so i need to do it whither its spray tan or tanning bed lol And thank you so much for sending the gifts cant wait to get them!

Thanks Damien- yea it has been a really great day and hopefully get better

Anubhav Verma said...

u r giving me a foot fetish