Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrestle Mania 27

My thoughts on the show and who won :)
 Edge & Alberto -Edge won and that is who i thought was going to win. I believe that it should not have been the first match tho.. And the fact that they made Alberto look weak with the whole Edge and Christian beating up his car kinda stupid in my opinion.
Cody Rhodes & Rey Mysterio- Cody won i just don't like his act at all i don't think Rey meant to hit him in the face and i don't believe for a min that his face was messed up that me he's another one of those wussy boys lol
The Big Show,Kane,Santino,Kofy Kingston & The Core Match- The Big Show, Kane, Santino, and Kofy won which that's who i wanted to win i don't like the core at Santino haha he's so funny cracks me up.
Stone Cold Ref with The King & Micheal Cole-  I love Stone Cold, he was so great this was one of my fave matches The King won then the general manager said that Stone Cold wasn't playing fair basically and Cole won the match that was so stupid i dislike that man alot he was pleading like a little biach to get out of the match haha Stone Cold stunned Booker T, and Swagger and the announcer that was great!
Randy Orton & CMPunk-  Randy Orton won thats my guy :) RKO Baby!!
John Morrison,Snooki,Trish Stratus &Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool-   John Morrison,Snooki,Trish won the match..thought it was kinda just a celeb thing to promote Snooki which is fine but she is not a wrestler but surprised me with the cartwheels and back hand springs lol
 HHH & The UnderTaker- UnderTaker won and thats who i thought was going to win i like them both. UnderTaker didnt give up he was a trooper for sure i do believe he got really badly injured in the match though they took him out on a golf cart stretcher thing. I believe this was the best match of all lots of action.
The Main Event: Cena vs. The Miz-  I was kinda disapointed in this Cena was going to win but The Miz was going to run away..then they both fell on the cement it was a tie then The Rock came out and the general manager which the Rock said he didnt care what he thought so made Cena and The Miz get back in the ring ... The Miz won due to The Rock interfering in the match. The Rock got The Miz too...not just Cena. Cena is one of my other favs.
Talking about The Rock I'm glad he's back and all but I believe he belongs in Hollywood now not the WWE yes he started in the WWE but him being gone for 7 years not even coming back once in awhile kinda lame..i love the Rock dont get me wrong but still. 
I dont think Drew Carry should be in the WWE Hall of Fame..he's not a wrestler..and i believe that The UnderTaker HHH match should have been last Not The Rock, Cena and the Miz....
So thats my thoughts on that...


Damien Shattock said...

Thanks for that, so happy you got to see it, love that the undertaker kept his streak.

Sal Val said...

wow that sounds like lots of fun and very excitiing !! =)

Anonymous said...

First I still think it is cool you are a wrestling fan

I agree it was a good show and agree with most of your points, my one disappointment is that they bumped the Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan.

I did love the song the Undertaker used for his entrance music

On a side note I did love the song The Undertaker used for his entrance

Scottie Futch said...

The Undertaker is my favorite WWE Wrestler by far. He has the fan support, did a few films, but he stayed true to his wrestling roots.

Unlike some people... mmhmm