Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today was such a beautiful day! here

 My Crab Apple Tree in my front yard all most full of blooms :) so pretty
 Purple flowers in my front yard under my Dogwood tree :)

 Before the Photoshoot

After The Photoshoot
Had so much fun today at my shoot def needed it! Cant wait to get the pics back in two weeks so i can share them with yall! The other model was def my type ;) haha Got some hair dye gonna put a few blonde highlights in for spring time :) think its time for a little bit of a change i love being brunette but when im brunette i miss the blonde and when im blonde i miss the brunette lmao so i will still have brunette in my hair ill basically have 3 differnt colors brown honey blonde and bleach blonde it will be a good combo i think ! Got some new razor blades too them dang disposiable things suck shaved last night but missed alot of spots i saw today lol wore shorts for the first time this year it was gorgeous out today 90 but it was windy so not that hot feeling still very warm. Also got some of that Jergens Natural Glow stuff that ive been talking about its a self tanner for those who dont know it works pretty good no orange as long as you dont put it near your joints. Gonna be going to Philly,PA & Maryland this weekend for my niece's bday she will be 3years old she's so cute! It  will be nice to get away and relax for a weekend! Def need a Vaca but looks like this is turning into a book lmao so i will say bye for now love yall xoxo Louanne


Damien Shattock said...

Yuor lucky the weather is getting good for you. I had to wear pants for the first time yesterday and today its been wet and cold here. Love seeing the blossoms and all love spring time. Glad it was good at the shoot and the results will be amazing i am sure. And it will be good for you to have a great weekend and relax a bit, get away from the stress.

Brian32223 said...

Thanks Louanne...looks a lot like here....Spring time for sure and I love it. Be neat to see your different hair colors....A change is always nice, but certainly not necessary for you. Funny cute pictures of you too. I love the southeast this time of year...well all year. Enjoy going up will be nice there now too.

nymjr72 said...

u look cute in the blue shirt :) lucky we had snow. sleet rain, & hail today in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you we are getting two inches of snow

Tim Jones said...

stick out your tongue at me?I will bite it if you evvvver do it again!lol,beautiful pics as always,Louanne!

Rubén said...

I am glad that spring also brings changes for you and we can enjoy as well. you look so beautiful :)