Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candids on the way to the tax place today

Today was yet again stressful woke up in terrible pain it went away but hope it doesnt come back tonight so i can sleep. And i seriously dont think my tax guy knows what the heck hes talking about so im gonna get a second opinion on it.. thats alittle bit on what happened to me today lol..tonight im gonna be doing a yahoo show and taking pics of some of the outfits for the guys who bought them for me so that should get my mind off things for a little bit :)
xoxo Louanne


Brian32223 said...

Feel better Louanne...and have fun with your videos....not fun thinking you are not feeling well....Im sending good thoughts your way...maybe it will help a little

Damien Shattock said...

You looked super cute in that outfit today, maybe the tax guy couldnt concentrate cause you looked to good and were distracting him, lol. Hope it get works out for you though so its one less worry and stress for you.

Grant said...

Look at you looking all sweet and cute and innocent. Well ... that is until you let the 'girls' come out a little ;) very cute

Rubén said...

I hope everything has been fine with taxes,but more importantly you're the best of health.
always lovely images.