Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pressys from my wishlist :)

Thanks you Damien for the pillow pets and little turtle stuffed animals cant wait to snuggle with them all tonight :) and also thank you so much for the phone and phone stuff your so awesome to me! Thanks Brian for the beautiful cross necklace your very good to me i love my fans yall treat me like a princess hope yall enjoy my spoiling back ;)
xoxo Louanne


Brian32223 said...

You wear that necklace so well...Im glad you like it...I loved getting it for you.....You are a Princess Louanne ;)

Damien Shattock said...

I know you really needed the new phone so it was a pleasure and of course you needed to have the accesories. I am so glad you have them to snuggle with, they can be my standins till i can come there and take over lol. Ofcourse i will love my spoiling back you are so awesome it is a pleasure to spoil you. You are def my princess and i only want the best for you always.