Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nite nite love

Time for bed finally lol been watching 24 only 4 episodes away so addicted even though I've seen all of the seasons. Also excited for today suppose to be receiving some things. Snapped a few pics in my Lynard Skynard shirt and my 4th of july picnic thong i call it for y'all before bed good morning to most but goodnight for me need to get a few hours... Love snuggling with my doggies there all up in bed with me and Reesie is of course under the covers my kitty is up here too full bed haha goodnight lovers <3

XoXo Louanne


Tim Jones said...

Not Fair!! You're too damn cute and hot,and I can't tuck you in from here! Giving you a good-night kiss...mighty tasty!xoxoo

Damien Shattock said...

aww these pics are so cute. makes me wish i was joining you for bed time as well.

Brian32223 said...

Super cute that thong and I live in Lynard Skynards home town, even a bar they own, so have to love that. You wear it well.
And good morning when you wake up :)

Scottie Futch said...

I love your candid shots. You seem so sweet and snuggly.. makes me wonder where you're hiding the bodies.

That smiles gets me everytime. It's so.. CUTE!

Sal Val said...

you're just the cutest thing ever !!!