Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 1 of Talladega Trip

Driving to Talladega

Stopped to stretch my legs waiting on my aunt and uncle

Beautiful pasture  with horses behind me

Waiting to get in long line lol

Driving over the track to get in the infield


Grilling out

In the bathroom in the camper i was def drunk from this point down lol

Had a blast on my trip i have more pics to upload these are just from the first night there lol so thats why i labeled it part 1 haha


Sal Val said...

wow thaqt looks likie so much fun !!! glad you had a good time sweetie !! ^_^

Damien Shattock said...

Haha great pics fro the first night cant wait to see more and you can def tell you got that drunk glow in your face. Awesome to see you enjoying yourself so much, so glad you could relax and have fun and leave all the stress behind.

Brian32223 said...

I love the drunk pictures...and so glad you had fun...I could tell from your twitter posts you were having a blast. I watched all the races...super exciting...welcome home.

nymjr72 said...

glad you had a nice trip :)

Grant said...

Ha ha look at you and your cute big Ole drunk grin in that 2nd last pic! :) having a great time and sharing it with us :)