Sunday, September 9, 2012


I don't get colds very often but when I do feels like the whole world is crashing down. Maybe allergies not really sure I use to not have any but seems as I get older I've developed them. Just hope I've caught what ever it is before I get really bad with the meds I'm gonna take to try to prevent from getting sicker than I am now. Thinking meds & chicken noodle soup for dinner with saltine crackers then gargle my throat with some warm salt water.
Yesterday it was hot on my job and I was sweaty then it started to rain and got cooler outside then hot again then cool so might be a factor in the being sick department.
Also before my job yesterday I let this guy in an SUV turn in front of me he was on the opposite side of the road and he crashed into this car that was in the right lane kinda scary thought I'd share that with y'all.

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Damien Shattock said...

Hopefully you arent sick for very long loved the pics the bull looks like so much fun :) you must have fun watching people try to ride it all the time lots of laughs is it?