Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last weekend and this week :)

Last weekends jobs were def hard on my body but got an amazing workout going up and down the huge hill in the back yard of the gorgeous mansion house the guy drove in a ferrari lucky lol. Got a awesome tip ;)
Went to the midnight release of Borderlands 2 Monday night and have been playing it non stop since lol very hard die alot lol but as I grow my skill tree it will get better and easier. I'm the siren love here abilities there bad ass!! If u have never played it before I def recommend u getting it it's very addicting lol.
I got a gorgeous mood ring in the mail today I wanted to say a special thanks to Damo for getting it for me love it!! And just so y'all know if u buy me any gifts off my wishlist you get sexy pics,video, or webcam chat in return depending how much the items are I love getting spoiled but I love spoiling back too!! Here's my wishlist take a look

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Damien Shattock said...

You def deserved a big tip by the sound of it :) and yes you have been playing Borderlands a lot lol ;) and you are welcome about the ring it looks amazing on you and I'm glad you love it <3 xoxo