Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Friday

Very eventful day had a bull job at a night club the theme was coyote ugly night it was fun not to bad dealing with all the drunks.Ripped my jeans getting into the truck on the way home..I've had those jeans since I was 10 years old so I think they lasted a good while lol. On the way home my tire blew out on the trailer I haul it with which sucked but I was only like 5mins away from my house but seeing as it was my first time changing a trailer tire took me and hour. Then had to pick up after the dogs when I got home showered and now finally laying in bed I'm exhausted def a long day but very productive!


BriN32223 said...

Love those jeans on you....even more torn :).....but sorry about the flat, glad you're home safe. Love the pictures

BriN32223 said...

Love those jeans....even sexier when torn ;) vut sorry about the flat, that was lots of work. Meanwhile loved all of the pictures.

Damien Shattock said...

What a day glad the job went well pity about your jeans but you def got alot of time out of them having them since you were 10 ;) susks about the trailer tyre esp. being so close to home but maybe better than having it happen in the middle of nowhere. You look incredibly beautiful in the pics as always.