Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ok decided I'm gonna leave tonight/morning round 6am that way I'll get down to the bull place around 4pm get him to look at it see if it can be fixed or if I need a new base gonna start packing now shower then get a few hrs of sleep. On the way gonna try to find an auto place that can put more freon in the truck since I couldn't get it the hose to fit to fill it myself bc it's terrible w/out AC with how hot & humid it is makes me sick and faint. Got lots to do pack, get cooler ready , shower and sleep..only reason I'm going today is I have a job friday & just in case it takes a few days to fix ill have time to get my job done fri so stressed out cant wait til fri is over!!!

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Damien Shattock said...

hope the trip goes well best of luck hope you can get the aircon fixed will be much better and good luck for job friday