Sunday, February 12, 2012

Event/Trip to NC Ski Resort

It started off great was excited even when it started snowing. As I got closer to the mountain the worse it got..thought my truck had 4wheel drive but nope it doesn't and was hauling a 16' trailer that weighs bout 1500 lbs so the roads get worse not plowed yet just nothing but slush and very slippery try to get up this hill get stuck can't move get un stuck keep going then once I'm only 5miles away I go down this road didn't see the sign that said u have to have 4wheel drive or chains on ur tires so don't even make it it was a 2lane high way so of course I got stuck again! And can't move at all called AAA they wanted to charge me to tow it so I waited around this asshole cop pulls up and asks what's the problem? I'm stuck I said then he proceeded to say didn't u read the fucking sign yes he said the fuck word then says u better call a tow truck now get it moved fire truck is on its way up I was freaking out called AAA back set up for them to come get me out but then 2 other cops came they were really nice helped me back the trailer down the road into a parking lot then I went back down the hill. Stopped at a gas station called the lady that rented the bull no answer for like an hour finally got a hold of her when I had decided I was just gonna leave she said I'll send someone down with a 4wheel drive truck they will call u hour rolled by no call then finally the guy shows up. He said its really bad weather by that time it was 4:55pm and it was like a blizzard outside the wind was really bad and snow was coming down strong. He was not comfortable driving it up the mountain to the ski resort so I call her to see what she wants to do no answer again wait 30mins finally she calls back and I tell her what her employee said well she wanted to talk to him handed the phone over she hung up she's now gonna try to get another guy with a bigger and better horse power truck to come down to get it well she never called back so I left was so scary driving through that slushy black ice crap!! I was so stressed and pissed and sad all at the same time. But when I was on the way home like 30mins after I left she called I didn't answer I just got the hell out of there!! Was suppose to be a really fun weekend but everything happens for a reason plus it wasn't too bad my BFF was with me and I did have some fun but not what I had planned on having. Very frustrating so glad to be home safe but so mad was a waste of my time & money! Any ways that was my day here are some pics from the trip didn't take one once it got really really snowy but you will get the point of how bad the roads were

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Damien Shattock said...

Very cool to see the pics of the country side on your way since I have never been there very different and also since I've never seen snow too lol and as usual you looked so beautiful in the pics of you <3 xoxo really shitty how the trip turned out a real waste of your time amd mostly money that you could not afford to lose :(