Sunday, February 26, 2012

2nd attempt at the Ski Resort

Left fri morning was raining basically the whole way up to the mountains and very windy kinda scary with tornado watches. Got up the mountain fine this time but damn those roads were tight and curvy I'm glad last time I got stuck where I did bc there would have been no way I would have made it in the weather before. Got to the ski resort set up the bull fri evening so didn't have to do it on sat (the event day). Then headed back to the lodge it was so pretty and the view was incredible I felt like I was on top of the world. Hung out at the bar had 2 double rum & cokes was Drunk lol woke up sat morning round 9am went up to the restaurant next door ate breakfast with an amazing view! Then headed to the ski resort stayed there the rest of the day. My event was suppose to start at 5:30pm-9:30pm but had tech probs the thing that you control the bull with wasn't working but by 6pm got it fixed and started at 6:30pm and went til 10:30pm. The night started out great they had an 80s hair band there they were awesome..then as it progressed of course people got drunker so bout 5mins before quit time there's a crowd around the bull my friend was operating it and I was helping a lady get up on the bull well she was on it wrong so I told her to get off so could lean it back so she could get on well someone reached over my friends shoulder and pushed the fastest speed on the bull I looked back saw it yelled for him to stop it reached for the girl grabbed her and pushed her out of the way. We both could have been seriously hurt or killed! I yelled at the guy behind my friend I know he did it he had been asking me all day if he could push the buttons and I said no and he was laughing dead give away! I cussed him out I was beyond mad the owner was standing beside him drunk all the workers there were wasted ridiculous but any way the owner the proceeds to yell at me and that other guy too I yelled for a min or 2 back then busted into tears they didn't understand what could have happened! If I had not been in the ring w that girl only God knows what would have happened. Thought there was gonna be a fight but no fighting thank goodness! So that was my eventful weekend lol fun and stressful :)


Brian32223 said...

That was quite the event....I hope it was fun to....those pictures are awesome sexy....glad you back home :)

Damien Shattock said...

Great pics Louanne the resort looked really cool and you look incredibly beautiful in the pics you are in ofcourse :) pity it got f***ed up at the end of the event but alcohol will do that sometimes hope you get more events that turn out much better overall