Monday, October 10, 2011

Had a fun day!

Despite the weather being gloomy & rainy I made the best of it and also being super sore from cam last night. Got my nails done my natural nails were super long so all they had to do is put the pink & white over them so now they won't break easy which is great. Then I went to Tj Maxx and bought a really cute Kathy winter purse I'm in love with it! Great pamper day ;) now to finish dinner and watch RAW gonna be a crazy show I think hope y'all had a great Monday hugs & kisses!!


Brian32223 said...

Hugs Louanne....look forward to getting in on of your mfc chats and pvt....but you look awesome as always.

Damien Shattock said...

The nails look great and the purse looks really cute glad you had a pamper day you deserve it and hopefully the soreness doesnt last long, hope kitty is too sore lmao ;) have a great night and get lots of rest and relaxing <3 xo