Monday, October 17, 2011

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend went to the club saturday night with my girls and a group of friends had a blast! Didnt know there was a special event going on it was PJ Night haha and Guest was Ryan Cabrera the singer he was on the reality show The Hills. They were also taping a reality show called Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I got to meet Ryan he's a super nice guy after he sang the girl from the reality show came up to me and said "your hot" lol and we started dancing together she kissed me and we kept dancing lol after that i was really drunk and me and my girl went outside to catch a taxi cab home and somewhere from the taxi cab to home i lost my iphone 3gs when we got back to her place i was a total reck i had never ever lost my phone before. So she let me borrow hers i had to change my passwords to everything twitter,blogger,facebook,tumblr,paypal,ebay,emails, ect...and switched my number to another phone it was a nightmare!! Then today i get a call from this guy and said that he had my iphone found it outside in the parkng lot after eating at one of the places in the shopping center...needless to say i got it back im super happy and im glad that there are still decent people in this world that care. He said i have an expensive phone too and if i lost it i would want someone to return it to me. :) So its been a kinda crazy weekend some good and some bad but hey the out come was great. Hope yall had a super weekend xoxo Louanne


Brian32223 said...

Awesome for you.....lots of fun, got to meet Ryan, get wasted, dance with a hot girl....or course she's gonna think your hot!!! You are. Great news you got your phone back. I would really be stressing if I lost mine. All worked out....happy to see you had so much fun.

Damien Shattock said...

So glad the outcome was great and you got your phone back and it wasnt some asshole had stole it or anything, so glad you had a great night out. PJ night well since you wear nothing to bed you would have got in trouble turning up in your PJ's hehe. Hopefully this is the start of better luck for you :)