Sunday, October 14, 2012


Work was little nutty this week but I made it through it. Sat I did a homecoming football game at a university then another job later that night which was a anniversary party for a club there was 400+ people there was semi slow til the last 40 mins of the event and all hell broke loose a guy jumped in the moon bounce with his beer and spilled it every where had to stop the bull to clean up and get a security person over there by that time there was only 10-20mins left thank goodness so that was pretty much my tiring weekend lol yesterday I only had 5 hours of sleep and worked 19hours I'm super sore today just gonna take it easy and relax :) hope y'all had a better weekend

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Damien Shattock said...

Such a rough weekend you def need to rest today, hopefully you arent really sore too long thank goodness you got your eucalyptus to have a soak and relieve some of the pain hopefully :) super sexy pics you were def frisky after thursdays jobs ;) it is good your business is doing so well <3 xo