Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pressys from my wishlist/others from fans

Thanks Damo its beautiful i love it :)

Thanks John so adorable looks great with the playboy blanket you got me

Cute boots from Damo

Thanks Brian its beautiful

Love it thanks Brian

So warm and fluffy thanks John

Different angle thanks damo

Australian sexy panties thanks Damo
Gordan looks great in his new collar thanks Damo

Angel looks beautiful Thanks Damo

Emma so cute in her pink collar Thanks Damo

Reesie in his baby blue collar Thanks Damo

And thanks Damo for the 3 toys Gordan destroyed the football already haha but he loved it :)
Thank you Brian,Damo,& John for the lovely gifts i love that yall love spoiling me so much and i love spoiling you back too ;) xoxo


Damien Shattock said...

Glad to help out the doggies deserve a little love too from me since they look after you and give you love so much. The ring looks amazing so good to see it on you.

Brian32223 said...

Your very welcome Louanne, The ring and necklace look awesome, I'm glad you like...more to come too and you deserve that and more. Thanks for being my friend ;)