Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tomorrow is the big on my 4 wisdom teeth couldnt have done it without yalls help thank you so so much!! Really nervous but cant wait for it to be over and done with im sure everything will turn out fine but please pray for me that there is no complications. I'm not looking foward to the recovery process tho just praying its not too painful. My surgery is at 8:15am in the morning i cant eat or drink anything after 12am so im gonna try to go to bed before that which is gonna be hard lol since yall all know that im a night owl lol. Ill get my friend to update yall when i get out of surgery so yall know that im oka :) xoxo


Damien Shattock said...

I am hoping the recovery is not too bad for you too. You will be in my thoughts and i am sending you lots of good thoughts and love <3. I am sure it will go well and i was happy to help in a small way to make it happen. Good luck with the getting to sleep early. Love the pics by the way but my thoughts are more on hoping you are ok at the moment ;) Love you Louanne you are an incredible person and a great friend xoxoxo

Rubén said...

thanks for the beautiful pictures, you know how much I like your booty, and your thongs are so sexy, I love a lot ..

The most important thing is that I wish much that everything goes well, pray hard and God will be looking all the time, he always takes care of good people and you're one of them and very special .. I'll be crossing our fingers that you recover soon and see you again with your beautiful smile ..
I hope you update us to live with this experience.
Kisses for you.