Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spoil Me & I will Spoil You Back!!

I love being spoiled by yall and i know that the ones who have bought me something from my wishlist have enjoyed there surprises i have sent them back. If you do decide to spoil me you could get the following items pics, video, or a personal one on one yahoo webcam chat with me. The more the item cost the more of the items you will get of course.. <--here is the link to my wishlist and i also have a link on the right hand side the pink pic click on that also.

I have 2 wishlist one is titled Spoil Me and the other you can find it on the left hand side under my pic on the amazon wishlist page titled Sexy lingerie and stuff :)

Love yall to pieces

1 comment:

Brian32223 said...

Hi Louanne, I would love to spoil you.......These last pictures have been soooo sexy...I love them