Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

Hey yall I'm Louanne Marie I model for a living and will be a playboy live model soon, I will let yall know when my profile is set up. So alittle about who i am..well I'm a georgia peach born and raised in the south. I'm very down to earth, caring, sweet so dont be afraid to chat with me on twitter or facebook I love chatting with my fans yall make my day! I love animals i have 4 dogs and 1 cat of my own, i would love to open up a rescue one day. I have 4 Tattoos, belly button pierced and tounge pierced and of course my ears pierced. I'm not afraid to get dirty, I'm a girly girl but also a tom boy at the same time.

As far as movies and music goes i love all types and genres..Very easy to please. But I am a kid at heart and love Disney movies! Some of my favorite movies are The Little Mermaid, Gone With The Wind, Transformers, The Notebook, Beauty & The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Facing The Giants, FireProof, Home Alone 1&2, Christmas Shoes, Transporter, you see i like a wide varity of movies but i love horror,drama, romance, and comedy. Some of my favorite music is country,pop,rap,r&b,jazz,classical pretty much any kind of music. Love me some oldies Rod Stewert is one of my all time favs to listen to very soothing.

I love fairies, turtles, lingerie, mnt dew, coffee, my iphone, taking pictures, modeling,outdoor activities,purses, clothes, shopping, working out, computer (I'm a bit of a computer geek),online games(yes I'm a gamer haha) I could go on and on with what i like but here is a few will get to know me more over time.

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Lots of Love,


Tim said...

Sweet pics! Loved reading your bio,too.

Tim said...

What makes you even sexier than your obvious physical beauty, is the fact that your'e having so much fun just jumps off the screen at me and anyone else who comes here!!

Tim said...